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Switching Schools is Easier Than You Think

Mar 18, 2021

According to statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics, 15%-18% of the new yearly enrollments in the majority of high schools is made up of new students who have switched schools. This number cannot be ignored, and it shows that switching schools is already a trend in play within our educational institutions and particularly high schools.

One out of ten students who switch schools yearly, switch from a public school to a private school. Does this indicate a positive perception of private schools? This is the question that is on focus as the trend of shifting to private schools has been sounding more and more viable.

There are various private schools to which parents switch their children to and one that has caught the attention of many is Futures Academy. Classrooms are based on the art and science of one-to-one instruction. The science originated with research showing that pacing instruction to each student’s individual needs improves learning outcomes dramatically. In the one student to one teacher model, there are no distractions, no noise, and no interruptions.

Students come to Futures because traditional schools aren't working for them – for a variety of reasons. Common reasons include that traditional schools:

  • move through course content too slowly or too quickly
  • contain large classrooms that are too noisy and distracting
  • don't accommodate learning challenges or social anxiety issues
  • lack flexible scheduling needed by athletes, actors or musicians
  • struggle to support accelerated learning when that is preferred

Personalized Teaching

In the education industry, the teacher/student ratio is a determinant factor in a student's academic performance. The lower the teacher/student ratio, the higher the availability of teacher services and the less the teacher's workload. The reverse is also true. With this in mind, Futures Academy as a pioneer of the one teacher, one student approach to teaching, should be a reason to enroll your child at our institution.

The customized and student-tailored content-based teaching at Futures Academy is by far different from the 1:20 ratio experienced in the public high schools. The art of teaching at Futures is based on blending both one-to-one lesson sessions to small group sessions that enhance interactions between the students and also aids in sharing of learned concepts.

Maintaining the following systems is vital for the success of personalized teaching:

• Use of personalized learning paths
• Use of competency-based progression
• Incorporation of a flexible environment

Open Enrollment

Am I making the right choice for my child? Will this work in favor of my child? These questions have always been the main point of debate when enrolling your child in a new school. At Futures Academy, we offer students a flexible enrollment program.

The open enrollment program means a student can enroll for the school program of choice at Futures Academy and start later. The open enrollment policy at Futures still enables the student to benefit from the student-centric one-to-one policy.

At Futures Academy, one of the benefits your child gets is the option of studying either full-time or part-time. Whatever program your child selects, there is no restriction on on-campus activities and homework support.

Diverse Campus Options

What is better than an institution not limited to a particular area? There is no better advantage that a parent can desire for their child than having an option of the child attending the institution and not miss out on the competency-based programs offered.

These advantages of having various campuses can be well accessed at Futures Academy as they have 15 campuses throughout California. This offers great opportunities for students to join programs of their choice at a location of their choice. Students can also attend their courses via their online platform program.The online platform is also one to one based, with virtual homework support also being done online.

Futures Academy is an institution focused on imparting your child with education at the competency level that yields results. For more information about Futures Academy, please contact us to advise you on your child's benefits at Futures Academy.