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Welcome to Futures Academy, Beverly Hills Campus!

Many schools face much uncertainty with the school year ahead. Futures Academy offers a wonderful certainty in learning. We are leaders in relationship-based learning and teach real-time, in 1:1 and small-group formats. We offer live, virtual, or blended schedules based on your comfort level. With over 35 years of proven outcomes, we know how to help your child learn better. It's the perfect time to join Futures and make this a great year. CLICK HERE to view Parent and student testimonials.

At Futures Academy, Beverly Hills, you will find a warm, safe, non-competitive environment where students let their guard down and open up. Students here love being able to make Futures Academy “their school.” For many of our students this is the first time they have felt heard, have experienced academic success, or sought independence. With our one-to-one class sizes, students engage with their teachers and are encouraged to ask questions, clarify their answers and learn to think critically. Students also have flexibility with scheduling, which means less time in the classroom and the ability to schedule classes during optimal learning times.

We work with students every step of the way through middle and high school to help them succeed in school, and to create an action plan post high school. When our students graduate, they never have to ask themselves, "what now?" We teach them to look at the "big picture" and how they fit in it. I find it especially rewarding to watch my students grow academically, mature, and gain confidence. Frequently, after a couple of months at Futures, parents come in to express a noticeable change with their child at home. I see in our students a growth in character and life skills as well as increased confidence, maturity, academic success, and stronger interpersonal skills. I invite you to visit Futures Academy, Beverly Hills to see how our students learn and thrive on our campus. Our iconic location is located with direct access to Brentwood, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Sherman Oaks and Studio City.

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At Futures Academy, we know it’s important for your child to find a school where they can “fit in” and succeed academically and socially. Call us and take a tour of our campus and see the 1:1 classroom and check out the Hangout, the Lab, the Study and more. Schedule a virtual campus tour today and speak to the Campus Director, teachers and staff!

Beverly Hills Campus

Beverly Hills Campus

8484 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 220,
Beverly Hills, CA 90211 

7:30AM - 6:30PM